7 years of Suffering Finally Relieved!
Marco D

I had been suffering with lower back pain for almost 7 years. The pain in my back and legs was so severe that it affected me every day.  I could not lift things or do other activities.

My previous experience with chiropractic left me feeling like I was being taken advantage of and I showed no improvement.  They were what I would call "old school" and the results were not positive at all. A relative referred me to Dr. Adler's office.

Since I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Adler, I feel great. I am no longer in pain and can do much more than I have been able to in a long time.  My mood has improved as well.  I am happier and my life overall is better.

Dr. Adler is always keeping up to date with new techniques and treatments which is great!


The Unexpected Side Effects are Great
Sharon M

I came to see Dr. Adler because I was rear-ended in a car accident. I was experiencing a sharp burning pain in my neck. I was unable to turn my head even a quarter of the way on either side.

I had never received chiropractic care in the past so I had no knowledge of the field in general. However now that I have been receiving chiropractic care I am able to move my head and neck around freely! And also the tension in my shoulders has greatly decreased.

I learned a lot from my experience with chiropractic care. I am more aware of my posture and horizontal positioning while I am sleeping, watching television or using the computer. I have also seen a decrease in my cycle pains, which is something I never expected or thought possible!

Dr. Adler is so willing to educate his patients. I feel better equipped to care for my whole family now. Knowing that ailments can often be traced to abnormalities in the spine and nerves areas is amazing to me.

Through all the education provided through the pamphlets and computer diagrams there is no excuse not to follow his instructions for care and to continue it to remain well.

I have experienced severe menstrual cramps for over 20 years! I am 6 weeks into my care plan and I can honestly say that I have seen a tremendous decrease in pain! The fact that Dr. Adler knew that I had that problem after looking at my x-rays was mind-blowing!

I never expected this kind of relief for a seemingly unrelated issue. That's the key though, there is NOTHING in your body unrelated to the spine!! Who Knew??


Intense Neck Pain
Brendan l.

I came to see Dr. Adler with severe neck pain. The pain I felt was very intense. It almost felt as if I were experiencing paralysis. I was told that I could get a lot of relief from seeing Dr. Adler. Although I had not had any experience with chiropractic, I was willing to try it due to the extreme pain.

I have had a wonderful experience with chiropractic care. Since beginning care at his office, I have had a total reversal of my pain. I have virtually no pain any longer. My mobility has drastically improved!

Due to receiving treatment with Dr. Adler my overall health has seen improvement along with my golf game! I am most happy about that!

Dr. Adler is very professional and I have a positive view of chiropractic care thanks to him and his staff.


Severe Low Back Pain
Aaron D.

My severe lower back pain started suddenly; and I had only experienced it for a couple of weeks.  At its worst, I was miserable day and night.  "Finding a comfortable position to sleep was virtually impossible."

"I would toss and turn all night.  At work, sitting in my office chair was uncomfortable, as was driving my car.  Worst of all, it was very difficult to walk because of the sharp pain in my legs."

I had no previous experience with chiropractic care; but my attitude was somewhat apprehensive because I didn't believe that it would really help pain or discomfort. 

For a couple of years after beginning chiropractic care the lower back pain resurfaced several times, however, it was less severe each time.  For the last 6 years since then, I have had no lower back pain of any sort.

"The benefits of receiving chiropractic care are greater flexibility and freedom of movement.  I have had no sports related injuries; and I have had only a couple of illnesses (colds/flu) in the last 8 years."


Severe Back & Hip Pain
Claude D.

I sought chiropractic care because of severe back and hip pain radiating down my left leg.  I had been experiencing these pains for 2 years.  At my worst, I could not bend over, sit or stand for very long.  I could not drive without stopping frequently to walk around and sometimes could not  lift my leg.  I also had problems with stomach pain and frequent indigestion.

My previous chiropractic experience was positive and it helped a lot, but there was no maintenance program such as Dr. Adler's. 

The progress I've made has been great.  "I can now bend-over and walk without pain.  I can drive for 2-3 hours without having to stop and walk around to relieve the pain.  Dr. Adler pushed on a pressure point to relieve my stomach pain and indigestion and I haven't had any pain since.  I feel better medically, mentally and physically!" 

 "I feel that Dr. Adler's treatment of my back problem is the only reason that I can still work and walk."


Neck Injury
Claudia D

I began chiropractic care because of pain and stiffness in my neck from an injury.  I had been experiencing the problem for several months.  My attitude towards chiropractic care was negative and I didn't really think it would help.

The progress I have made since being treated by Dr. Adler has been great!  I feel taller and more flexible.  My pain and stiffness are gone most of the time.  When I feel the pain return, the adjustments never let it get too bad.  The other benefit I have seen since receiving chiropractic care has been better sleep! 

 Dr. Adler's office has a great atmosphere.  He is efficient and very up beat, not to mention always available to help.


Nothing Seemed To Help!
Donna A.

I was in a couple of car accidents and was stricken with severe neck and back pain.  I also suffered headaches as a child.  My headaches started when I was around 3 or 4 years old.  The neck and back problems started in 1988.

At my worst, the pain kept me from enjoying a good quality of life.  My headaches were so bad; I had to sleep in a very dark and quiet room.  I was not able to go to work at times or spend quality time with my daughter because of the pain.

In the past, I was taking medication for headaches, insomnia, reflux, cramps, low iron and pain.  I started to get depressed because when the medication wore off, I was in pain again.  "Nothing seemed to help."

My overall attitude since I started chiropractic care nine years ago has been "hope."  The only medication that I take is an Advil from time to time and vitamins.  Pain is not a major part of my life anymore, therefore, I am free to enjoy a good life.  I have been on cloud nine since I chose chiropractic care.

I had major surgery in 2002 and a week later I got an adjustment.  "I will never forget how good I felt after my adjustment.  I was able to get around better and my pain lessened as days went by while continuing care.  My healing would not have been successful without your help, Doc!"

"I have been truly blessed to discover chiropractic care.  Thank you Dr. David Adler for giving me relief and my life back without taking all the medication."


I had suffered 15+ years
Ann G.

My name is Ann, (Mom)  and I started chiropractic care as a result of scoliosis.  I had suffered 15+ years and had very painful neck and back problems.  I sought chiropractic care for 17 years and have been going to Dr. Adler for 3 years; and it has helped tremendously.

The progress I have made has kept my scoliosis curve from getting worse.  "I used to take arthritis medicine and now I don't have to.  I am able to play tennis and have more energy.

Better yet, I don't have to take any medication."  Because of my success, my husband, Dana has been seeing Dr. Adler and maintains a healthy life and my two children have their own testimonials below:

My name is Adam and I started chiropractic care because of my allergies and asthma.  I had been experiencing these problems for 10 years.  The progress I've made has been great.  "I have the energy I need to enjoy sports and withstand for a lot longer period."  My asthma and allergies have improved considerably.

My name is Ashley and I started seeing Dr. Adler because I was very pale, my hair wasn't growing and I looked sick all the time.  I also had the start of scoliosis.  I had been experiencing these problems for 3 years.  "At my worse, I was very sick with a runny nose, ear infections and very pale complexion."

Dr. Adler has been seeing me once a week for the past 3 years.  My health has made a 100% turnaround for the better.  I am rarely sick, I am happy, have lots of energy and making straight A's.  According to my Mom, I look like a new child!


I'm a new woman!
Henrietta B

I started chiropractic care due to severe pain in my back and leg.  I had experienced these problems for several months.  "At my worst, the pain was unbearable.  I was unable to walk or do anything and was taking 3 pain pills a day." 

I had never considered chiropractic care in the past.  But the progress I have made since starting care with Dr. Adler has been great. "I am a new woman!" With adjustments and ice therapy, I experience very little discomfort and take very little pain medication.

I was referred to Dr. Adler by my daughter, who is a long time patient of  Dr. Adler's.  "I am a 96 year old woman who has osteoporosis.  "With the loving care of Dr. Adler, this old lady has a new lease on life. 

Thank you, Dr. Adler!"

Seeking Overall "Wellness"
Jeanette B.

In a nutshell, I started chiropractic care for my overall "wellness."  I was involved in a car accident when I was 15 which caused a curvature in my spine and frequent headaches.

"My father was a chiropractor and I have been educated in the value of its care for wellness and great health."

My treatments have resulted in fewer headaches, more energy and I sleep better when my body is functioning at its best capacity.  I have also seen the improvements in my spine and neck from X-rays which proves that chiropractic care has been working to benefit me positively.

"Dr. Adler and his staff have been caring and concerned about my health.  He developed an easy payment plan to fit my budget economically and over the past couple of years has become my friend as well."


"I don't get sick as often as I used to!"
Kathy B

I began chiropractic care because of back and neck pain.  I have been experiencing the pain pretty much all my life.  At my worse, the pain was constant and sometimes so bad I couldn't work in my yard (which I love); and I also would miss work.

My previous attitude with chiropractic care was positive.  "I think chiropractors are wonderful!"  My past treatments and results were good as long as I would go on a regular basis.

Since receiving care with Dr. Adler, my progress has been great.  I can pretty much do whatever I want (age permitting).  Anytime I have an ache or pain, Dr. Adler fixes me right up.  Not only do the aches and pains subside, but I don't get sick as often as I used to.

"Dr. Adler is a wonderful doctor and Beth is always cheerful.  The office is a healing, happy environment.  I always look forward to my weekly visits."


I wanted a healthier life!
Louise K

I started working for Dr. Adler in August, 2004 and decided I would begin chiropractic care for overall wellness.  I didn't have any aches and pains but understood the benefits of receiving care for optimal spinal health.  I wanted a healthier life!

Little did I realize, chiropractic care would help me with a problem I thought only oral surgery would help.  Since I was 18 years old, I have had what dentists refer to as a "clicking or popping jaw".  Each and EVERY time I would open my mouth a certain width, my jaw would "pop".  It was so audible that my husband would say "doesn't that hurt?"  I couldn't chew gum or eat hard candy and needed to wear a "grind guard" at night so I wouldn't grind my teeth.

After receiving 2 months of chiropractic care, I went to the dentist for a regular cleaning and exam and when asked about my "clicking jaw"  I was astonished.  I couldn't force my jaw to pop, it just wouldn't.  Something I had lived with for so long had gone away completely.

My dentist, knowing I worked for a chiropractor, asked if I had been receiving adjustments.  When I said, "Yes," we both knew that chiropractic care had made a difference.  For over a month I have had no pain associated with my "clicking jaw" nor had any "popping" at all.

I am ELATED and GRATEFUL that I started chiropractic care!


"The difference in my family's life since receiving chiropractic care has been great!"
Louise K.

I used to be tense and stressed out.  My right hip used to hurt all the time and my back was starting to hurt regularly.  "I felt that it was an inevitable part of growing old."  My children used to get sick all the time, and I thought it was just normal childhood bouts of illness."

Stacy L.

I decided to try chiropractic care because I agreed with the "logic of chiropractic: an aligned spine will allow nerves to perform their job, and thus the rest of the body also benefits."

I can't wait to get adjusted because I feel great afterwards.  I walk straighter and sit with a better posture.  I guess I don't want to loose the feeling of "correctness".


Jonathan & DavidLouise & Stacy's Kids

The difference in my life and my family's life since receiving chiropractic care has been great.  I am limber and have found out that getting old doesn't mean being in pain of stiff.  I think healthier and try to apply that thinking to all my other activities.  "In going through my kinds medical records, I am amazed at how often they used to get sick.   Now, it's only once or twice a year, and very mild at that.  My husband jogs regularly and has started tennis again.  We have made a commitment as a family to get adjusted regularly for the rest of our lives."

I hurt myself in a fall.
Martin W.

I started chiropractic care after I hurt myself in a fall.  Besides the fall, I had experienced sporadic back pain two or three times a year over the last 20 years.  "At my worst, I had to sleep on the floor and missed a day or two of work because of the pain."

 Before receiving Dr. Adler's care, I was on painkillers and prescription drugs to try to alleviate my discomfort.

A neighbor referred me to Dr. Adler; and since receiving my care, I have no recurring back pain.  Dr. Adler is now helping me with pain associated with Carpal Tunnel in both my hands.

 I believe my chiropractic care has benefited me greatly and I feel I'm in "reasonable condition for my age."

Sciatica & Lower Back Pain
Melissa P.

The reason I started chiropractic care was for "sciatica and lower back pain.  I had experienced the problems for about 6 months."  At my worst, I could rarely fall asleep at night because of the discomfort from lying down.

I had always found chiropractic care beneficial and my attitude was positive when I began care with Dr. Adler.

My progress since beginning chiropractic care has been dramatically less pain and more energy.  I love having more energy.  It makes it possible for me to spend more active time with my son.

I was referred to Dr. Adler by my physician, Dr. Hecht.  I think the office and the care "I have received from Dr. Adler is excellent!"


All I could do was lie in bed.
Michelle P.

I began chiropractic care because of lower back pain that I had been experiencing for over a year.  The pain had gotten so bad that I was not able to go to work.  All I could do was lie in bed, on my back to ease the pain.

 In the past, my primary care physician was treating me for a bladder infection and had received all sorts of tests; such as one for kidney stones.

The progress I have made since seeing Dr. Adler is the pain is no longer bothering me; plus I have learned some great exercise techniques. 

Dr. Adler is wonderful and I would refer him to anyone!


Lower Back Pain
Rhonda C.

My problem was LOWER BACK PAIN!  "There were days I couldn't walk and I had to lay on my back or side all day.  At 28 years old this was not acceptable."  I wanted to find out what the problem was.  I saw my doctor and had (2) epidural steroid injections that didn't help at all and ended up costing a lot more than I expected.

"I have visited chiropractors since I was 16, I knew that it worked but didn't think I had the time to commit." 

As simple as it seems, since I started chiropractic care with Dr. Adler, I feel good!  "I didn't realize how long I had felt less than 100%  and thought it was good because it was better than not being able to walk.  The problem was I was accepting less than 100%."

The benefits I have experienced through receiving Dr. Adler's care include better sleep, more energy and all in all a happier person.

Constant Lower Back Pain
Jim F.

I started chiropractic care due to constant pain in my lower back.  The pain was so intense that it was affecting my ability to work/play. 

I had the problem for one month before I decided to come to Dr. Adler's office.  The pain was so severe that simple tasks, like sitting, were impossible and play sports was not possible.

My previous experience with chiropractic was limited to two or three visits in the past (for similar symptoms). Since I have made a commitment to regular care my back/hips are functioning normally and I am able to play tennis, run and go to the gym several times per week.  I also noticed that I have less stiffness in my back when walking in the morning.  I am also able to drive long distances without pain. 

I came to Dr. Adler's office from a flyer that I received from LA Fitness where I workout.  I also want to say that as a business owner my schedule may change and they are always willing to accommodate to the schedule of the patient.

The pain would bring me to tears
Joy & Jada

For over 5 years I suffered with excruciating upper and lower back pain.  At its worst, I couldn't sleep or even stand for too long and at times would bring me to tears.  Along with these two complaints I also suffered from headaches. 

In the past I tried massage therapy, cortisone injections and muscle relaxer medication… these were only temporary patches.  Before I came to Dr. Adler's office I was terrified that chiropractic care would be painful.

Since I have started care my life has completely turned around.   I can sleep through the night, my upper and lower back pain has completely improved and my headaches are gone.  I also have more energy and patience.  I know now that the pain was making me very
agitated and now I am just a happier person.

As for my daughter Jada, I just recently started to bring her in.  She has asthma and snores at night.  Since she stated to see Dr. Adler, I now have to lean in close to hear her breath.  Prior to getting chiropractic care, I could hear her snore from another room and if she fell asleep before me, I would not be able to sleep.

At Adler Family Chiropractic, Dr Adler and Robyn make you feel like your part of the family!

The pain in my neck and back was becoming unbearable.
Andre C.

I first began chiropractic care because I was rear-ended in a car accident. But due to conflicting schedules, I went through the pain for about 6 days without any care. The pain in my neck and back were becoming unbearable, and the pain in my neck was giving me bad headaches. 

Previously, I felt that chiropractors were a waste of time and that they simply were there to milk the patients. I even overheard one of my doctors tell their assistant that, "I was not a case that would make them any money and not to schedule me very often."

My experience with Dr. Adler's office was completely different. The care I received there has helped me tremendously, especially with my fitness career as a personal trainer. I feel the difference in my entire body. I'm not having the back pain or the neck pain and headaches as I once did. And I have also learned the benefits and importance of chiropractic care.

I was referred to Dr. Adler by one of my clients who had been treated by him before and I had also seen him working out in the gym many times. The service and atmosphere in the office has always been wonderful. Both he and his staff were always kind and most helpful with EVERY thing, EVERY visit!!

Mary H.

A friend of mine told me to come and see Dr. Adler due to a rotator cuff injury I sustained.  I was not really able to use my right arm because it hurt me too badly.  I found it painful to get dressed or to do anything really that required the use of my right arm.

I am so glad I came in to see Dr. Adler because now I have full use of my right arm! I am able to do everything I used to be able to do before my injury. My balance has improved dramatically. On top of that I have much more energy.

I even have side benefits from chiropractic. I can now sleep better. I can now exercise and swim again. I also have no more headaches!

I have received wonderful care here. Dr. Adler explains all of my treatment to me thoroughly. I always leave feeling better than when I came in.

David B.

I was experiencing constant lower back pain, especially after my daily exercise. I had this problem for several years.  I always thought I should see a chiropractor but just never had. When I was having lower back pain daily I went to see my M.D. I was told by them that as I got older I would just have to deal with this pain. That's when I knew it was time to visit a chiropractor.

 After my treatment plan with Dr. Adler my lower back pain is gone! My posture is also much better too. I am told that I look taller! I feel more confident as a person and I feel better about my appearance. I am also aware that I am able to have a better night's sleep without tossing and turning like I used to do.

Sharon H.

I woke up one morning with excruciating neck and left arm pain. The pain was 9 on a scale from 0-10, 10 being the worst. I was unable to sleep or relax due to the unbearable pain. I learned to lean my head in very awkward positions looking for relief from the pain. I stopped working due to this pain. I was robbed of my joy in life due to this problem. I finally went to a neurosurgeon and he said I needed to have surgery on a severely herniated disk in my neck. I was not willing to accept this decision knowing the high percentage rate of failure associated with this type of surgery.

It was at that point that I decided to see Dr. Adler. I had used chiropractic in the past when I suffered from migraine headaches and also when I was carrying my infant and toddler around constantly.  Because I received excellent and detailed care from Dr. Adler my neck pain is all but absent! I no longer have to take pain medicine for my neck or back. I feel like I have my life back! I have my joy back!

I had always had upper back pain even with previous chiropractic adjustments. I have noticed under Dr. Adler's care though that I am improving in this area as well. I am not as stiff and sore like I used to be there. I am optimistic that this area will continue to improve just as my neck has.

Adler Chiropractic has a unique atmosphere. I liked Dr. Adler's approach and attitude about how to deal with this herniated disc. He takes time to explain things so that I understand what is happening. He looks at the whole picture and not just one piece of the puzzle.  He shows genuine care and concern for all of his patients!

Joan B.

About 25 years ago I was forced to give up most of the activities I was involved in, such as softball and bowling because of back pain. Not only did I suffer from the physical back pain but I also suffered from depression because of not being able to do things that I enjoyed.

My neighbor was being treated by a chiropractor and told me about how it was keeping her from being incapacitated. That's why I decided to see Dr. Adler.

Chiropractic care has made a tremendous difference in my life both physically and mentally. My back pain has virtually disappeared and with maintenance care any problems that arise can usually be corrected quickly.

Having chiropractic care has become a way of life for me. Some everyday benefits I have experienced are being able to turn my head, walk normally after getting out of bed, sitting and then rising up and rising from a chair with ease. I seldom have headaches anymore which I also contribute to chiropractic care.

Although I haven't played softball or bowled in years, I do play a lot of tennis and dance pain free now. I rarely take medicine for pain now and that is a BIG improvement! So for a senior citizen I'm doing great, thanks in large part to my chiropractic care!

Dennis M

I decided to come and see Dr. Adler because I had been suffering with lower back and neck pain on and off for about 30 years.

When I felt my worst I was almost immobile because the pain was so severe. It was difficult for me to stand, sit or walk.

 I had used chiropractic in the past but I never followed through to complete my treatment.

I have always had relief from my pain with chiropractic care. Before my treatment here I would be given muscle relaxers and sent home.

Since receiving treatment from Dr. Adler I have not only seen relief from my pain and learned better management of my body but I have also learned how to take better care of my spine through education.

Day to day my life is more fulfilling and pain free thanks to Dr. Adler.

Linda K.

I was pregnant and my baby was in transverse position. My midwife told me I needed to see someone about helping to turn the baby the right way. It is an uncomfortable position for me to be in and I was worried about my baby too!

I found Dr. Adler and he began treatment that quickly had my baby turned the right way. That was good news because when I first came to see him I was already in my 35th week of pregnancy.

On top of helping my baby, I also felt a lot better! My lower back and my neck feel much better now!

Thanks Dr. Adler

Carmelo B

After 12 days in the hospital with a serious disease, I lost 22 pounds. I returned home hardly able to walk or sleep. I developed chronic back pain. In desperation, we called Dr. Adler on his day off and he met us at his office for x-ray, evaluation and my first adjustment.

Five weeks after I was released from the hospital, with Dr. Adler's care my back pain was better.  I could now walk naturally and stand straight. Without the chiropractic adjustments I would still be suffering and my recovery would not have been as fast.

Dr. Adler's analysis of my condition pin pointed 3 sections of vertebrae that needed adjustments. Two of the 3 sections affected my liver and kidneys, both of which I was receiving treatment for by a team of physicians. The 3rd section had to do with old football injuries and age. I am pleased to say that my blood work shows that all of my blood functions are normal now including my liver and kidneys. Needless to say, Dr. Adler and his chiropractic efforts have made me healthier and now I can live a normal life.

Heather S

I was tired of having headaches 4 to 5 times a week and a stiff neck almost every day.  I dealt with this scenario for about 5 years.

Some days my head and neck pain would be so bad that I would spend all day trying heat, ice, or pain relievers trying to alleviate the pain. But nothing was working.

I had friends who had been to chiropractors but I had not had any experience with seeing one.

In the past my general doctor prescribed muscle relaxers for my problems, which worked while I was taking them. When I stopped taking them however, the pain returned.

The problem was that I didn't want to take them forever.

I feel so much better after being treated at Adler Chiropractic. I rarely have headaches any more and I feel much happier! I sleep better at night and have an overall feeling of well-being now.

The staff is very friendly and helpful. They always made sure my insurance was filed correctly and they were very accommodating with scheduling as well.

Amy B

I have dealt with chronic headaches for over 20 years. I also had a trauma to my shoulder over the summer. During the summer months I could not cook, drive, or sleep without pain.  My career as a pianist and a piano teacher was extremely compromised.  My headaches would sometimes keep me bedridden or medicated.

I have always been pleased with the chiropractic care I have received. I received treatment for some nerve problems I had with my hip while I was pregnant, and it really relieved the pain for the duration of my pregnancy.

I have made massive amounts of progress after seeing Dr. Adler. I now no longer need all the medications I previously took for my headaches.  I am more active now because I am not in pain constantly! This past spring I did not have allergy problems for the first time in my whole life.

I feel like my entire family has benefited from my receiving treatment because now I have energy and we enjoy the day together instead of me thinking about how much I will hurt later from doing things.

I really appreciate all the encouragement I received at Dr. Adler's office. I can really tell they want me to be a healthy happy person.


Amy A.

I have had so many health problems. I have dealt with massive headaches, spasms in my lower back, and annual sinus infections.

My father recommended that I try chiropractic because he had a lot of success with treatment on his lower back. My friend tried chiropractic treatment and had a lot of relief from her headaches. I was tired of taking so much over the counter pain medicine. I was immune to it. I decided to try chiropractic.

I started to notice that I felt better and better every day. I didn't have to take sinus medicine during allergy season. Then when the weather changed I didn't get sinus infections like I used to. Although it took a while for all of these changes to take effect, I am simply amazed at how much better I feel! I wouldn't give up chiropractic care for anything! I am truly amazed by how healthy I am!

I see Dr. Adler now about once a week and I have learned that chiropractic treatment along with a good diet and moderate exercise are the real keys to good health. The way that my body has responded to his treatment has made me  a true believer in chiropractic! What more can I say? I feel….healthy!

Liz K.

Can't Remember when I felt so good.

Haven't felt so good in years.

I'll tell you a story of how I dried up all my tears.

Really it was easy…..all it took was dedication.

Ohh the pain was so annoying….. could it be a subluxations?

Please help me Dr. Adler…..I can't take it any longer.

Relax he said…." We will make your body stronger."

Ahh…. Relief was so fast and painless.

Could it be? I feel better….even with a life of stress.

To all of you who doubt me….go talk to him and see.

It really works…..


It made me feel like…..me!

Don S.

I am a very active person and experiencing neck & back pain has really slowed me down.  I was having trouble sleeping and I always felt like I needed my back massaged.

I have used chiropractic in the past and have had success with treatment for my back & neck pain.

After receiving care from Dr. Adler I now sleep through the night! I can now resume my very busy lifestyle.

Dr. Adler has been great. The office atmosphere is pleasant and I look forward to my visits.


Linda V

Dealing with lower back pain has been a way of life for me for the past 20 years or more. My pain got to be so bad that I was no longer able to stand up straight or bend over.

Because I never stayed with a chiropractor long enough to get any real results, I didn't have a good feeling about them. However Dr. Adler was able to map out a plan of action for me that I was able to follow through with and achieve excellent results.

I have also come to realize that I needed to do more than just get adjusted. I also had to get and stay in shape physically. I now know that when you couple regular adjustments with regular exercise that you get great results.

I think Adler Family Chiropractic is great! Dr. Adler is very enthusiastic about my whole program and he will always explain what is happening and what to expect.


Sharon C.

Before receiving care from Dr. Adler I was in severe pain. I was kept awake at night by nerve spasms. I was unable to step down off a curb, and I couldn't dream of climbing stairs. I was feeling pretty hopeless.

I have been to chiropractors before and they would only send me to neurologists because of the bulging disk I had in my spine. When I was treated by the neurologist I had little or no improvement, I even faced surgery.

However with Dr. Adler treating me, I can now traverse curbs and walking is no problem! I can even manage steps with a little difficulty. I have more energy and I sleep most nights all the way through now. I am really shocked by the improvements I have made with Dr. Adler. All this improvement in only 26 visits so far. I think Dr. Adler has a miracle touch!


Louis D.

My lower back pain was affecting my quality of life for 6 to 7 years, so much so that I simply felt lethargic, unsociable, and irritable. All of my symptoms just increased over time.

Before I experienced chiropractic care, I didn't believe in it. The thought of someone having their back cracked was frightening to me. So I tried sports rehab. However I saw minimal results.  I feel I wasted a lot of time with few benefits.

Since beginning chiropractic care, I have immediately benefited greatly. I have almost zero pain and much better body movement and better posture.

I really feel better. I have more energy. I also find myself in a better mood. I no longer focus on the pain in my body because it isn't there! My overall quality of life has dramatically improved!

I appreciate Dr. Adler's careful explanation of treatment options along with his wonderful sense of humor!


Nancy B.

The reason I came to Adler Family Chiropractic is because I have been having neck and back pain on and off for years.
Sometime my neck was so stiff that I had trouble turning my neck while driving and changing lanes. Once when my back was hurting I could not get out of bed without assistance.

I have gone to chiropractors on and off as I hurt. Since beginning care with Dr. Adler I have come to realize how important it is to come in on a regular basis and help with preventing problems instead of trying to alleviate them.

Receiving regular chiropractic care has really made it easier for me to maintain my lifestyle which is very busy due to traveling extensively. I am now more flexible and am able to have a good range of motion. I have much less pain in my back and neck area.

Dr. Adler provides care that we have not been able to find elsewhere. Other types of doctors and treatments just aren't the same.


Karen W.

I have been dealing with back pain from my birth on. I would deal with it most days but sometimes I would experience bouts when I hurt so badly that I couldn't get out of my bad mood.

I have used chiropractic care in the past but I must say Dr. Adler's treatment is better than my previous chiropractors. I feel noticeably better under his care.

I have noticed that since I began receiving treatment from Dr. Adler my mood has improved quite a bit. I also have noticed that I have more energy.

I would like to say that the staff at Adler Family Chiropractic is very nice. Dr. Adler really cares about his patients and his work.  I really appreciate that he takes time to explain things to us. Thanks Dr. Adler!


Ethel S.

I came into Dr. Adler's office to seek treatment for back pain because I just couldn't move well. I couldn't move without experiencing pain. My activities were really limited.

I was not happy with chiropractic in the past because I didn't feel like they had helped me with my problems.

But after receiving care from Dr. Adler I am now able to drive and walk without pain! I feel wonderful. I am truly amazed what a difference these treatments have made in my life. I can do all of my activities that I was unable to do in the past. I am so happy about that!

I received excellent care at Dr. Adler's office. The treatment was pain free and I am so happy that I am able to move about pain free!