Mi experencia con el Dr. Adler hacido algo diferente que a cambiado mi vida y la de mi familia. — Guadalupe M.

You are in the right hands, so to speak, with Dr. Adler! — Ben McD

In two words, comprehensive and thorough!! — Paul G.

Best chiropractor ever, driving from Gainesville is worth it! — Vanesa R.

I came to Dr. Adler en route for a long road trip. My back was in so much pain from an injury I experienced months earlier. That morning he took an x-ray and found out my problem was a major subluxation in my spine between my shoulders. He was able to adjust me for immediate relief. I felt born again! I came for a few more adjustments in the following weeks and have not experienced any pain since.

Since then I have been seeing Dr. Adler for about 5 years every 3 weeks to keep myself in check. He has seen me through some tough chemical imbalances as well. I believe if it weren’t for Dr Adlers continued care I wouldn’t have made it through all of those challenges successfully.

Dr. Adler has also treated my newborn granddaughter and my two daughters with great success.

It’s important to keep your nervous system healthy and through the efforts of Dr. Adler, I have been successful.

Thank you, Dr. Adler, for the years you’ve given me to lead a healthy and happy life.

Jeri D

As a NASM Elite Trainer, Injury Rehab Specialist, and Fitness Expert at Sharecare, my body gets a lot of overuse from week to week helping my clients reach their health and fitness goals. Without Chiropractic care, I would, over time, not be able to continue helping people the way I do. I’m sure you have noticed that there are almost as many chiropractors in the ATL & OTP as there are Waffle Houses. I have been to a few of them (chiropractors), and by far, Dr. David Adler of Adler Family Chiropractic is THE BEST!!! He truly cares about his patients, and not only takes care of them, but educates them as well. Dr. Adler takes the time to get to know you and treats you as part of the family. Next time you feel a little out of whack, give him a call. You won’t be sorry! — Ann P.